About the Koto Technology

  • ♦     The Koto Panels are made of fibre material, composite cement and High Density Polystryrene.

  • ♦     The EPS beads used to produce the panels are Fire retardant beads .

  • ♦     KOTO system acts as Permanent Formwork.

  • ♦     The KOTO House is a column and Beam Structure.

  • ♦     The KOTO House is a Permanent House.

  • ♦     Our Savings are mainly on labour and delivery of structure.

K-POD Foundation

K-Pod Foundation System for Raft Slabs. (1.2m x 1.2m x .140mm) K-Pods creates a perfect raft slab by connecting a network of beams to a thickened edge beam around the perimeter of the slab.


Koto Spacers for accurate positioning of K-Pods (Plastic) K-Pod Spacers are multi-directional and when placed on the plastic ground cover insures the foundation Pods support the steel reinforcing in exactly the correct position ready for concrete placement and insure the network of beams are exactly the same. 

K-BLOCK Walling System

150mm Wide K-Block Series

Item Width Length Height Sqm Core hole dimension
1. 150mm 1200mm 300mm 0.36 120x80@20
2. 150mm 1200mm 600mm 0.72 120x80@200
3. 150mm 1200mm 900mm 1.08 120x80@200
4. 150mm 1200mm 1200mm 1.44 120x80@200
5. 150mm 1800mm 300mm 0.54 120x80@200
6. 150mm 1800mm 600mm 1.08 120x80@200
7. 150mm 1800mm 900mm 1.62 120x80@200
8. 150mm 1800mm 1200mm 2.16 120x80@200

200mm Wide K-Block Series

Item Width Length Height Sqm Core hole dimension
1. 200mm 1200mm 300mm 0.36 100x100@20
2. 200mm 1200mm 600mm 0.72 100x100@200
3. 200mm 1200mm 900mm 1.08 100x100@200
4. 200mm 1200mm 1200mm 1.44 100x100@200
5. 150mm 1800mm 300mm 0.54 100x100@200
6. 200mm 1800mm 600mm 1.08 100x100@200
7. 200mm 1800mm 900mm 1.62 100x100@200
8. 200mm 1800mm 1200mm 2.16 100x100@200

Fire Test

The standard K-BLOCK PANEL, tested by approved testing authority SIRIM, determined and certified a 2 hour 15 minute result in accordance to British Standards, as shown on the right, without sacrifice to the permanent insulation capability and energy efficiency.

K-Floor Deck System

The floor deck panels measure 2.45M long x 1.2M wide x 200mm thick. The underside comes already coated, hence reduces the need for plastering the ceiling.

K-Roof System

Roof panels come in sizes of maximum 4.9M length, width of 600mm and thickness of 100mm. They come already coated from the factory.

Sundry Items

  • ♦     Koto Joint Paste
  • ♦     Koto Skim-Coat
  • ♦     Koto Polymer
  • ♦     Koto Helix Screw Fixings