KOTO building system is light weight panels that provide permanent formwork to reinforced concrete columns for column and beam construction of buildings.

The columns are produced by reinforcing and concrete filling vertical cores in the KOTO panels. This means a KOTO House is a PERMANENT HOUSE.

Are the designs fixed?

We have made it easier for clients by coming up with typical house plans that are on our website, http://www.kotohousingkenya.co.ke/koto-house-designs/ that customers can choose. These plans are free of charge once a client decides to build any of the pre-designed KOTO house plans.

We also accept custom house designs from our clients. This means that a client can come with his/her house design from his/her architect and our architect will take time to go through the design and re-adjust the design - but still maintaining every concept in the design – to conform to the KOTO system. This is because a KOTO structure is built using KOTO Panels and the panels come in different sizes. Our architect only re-adjusts so that the right size of panels are used without wastage.

How does KOTO do the Finishing?

In a bid to make our houses affordable, we have options to our clients. These are:

KOTO housing Kenya Limited aims at delivering quality houses for our customers with speed and flexibility.

What is the price for a KOTO House?

The cost of a KOTO structure depends on the type/standard of finish a client chooses.


Does the house come with landscaping?

KOTO Housing Kenya’s main agenda is the construction of the houses. Other additional services such as landscaping, provision of septic tank, recycling, e.t.c. Come at an extra cost.

How Do I apply for a KOTO House?

One has to decide if he/she will build using KOTO designs or own designs. For a KOTO design, one can apply by clicking on  http://www.kotohousingkenya.co.ke/guide-to-your-koto-house/ and follow the easy instructions.

Also, if one wants to use own design, then apply by clicking on http://www.kotohousingkenya.co.ke/guide-to-your-koto-house/koto-procedure-if-you-have-your-own-plans .

What if I do not have land?

We have partnered with Optiven Limited, the pacesetters in the real estate industry, to provide our clients with value-added plots. Visit their website www.optiven.co.ke for more.

What if I need finance?

We have also partnered with Jamii Bora Bank to provide up to 100% mortgage finance and soon unveiling other partnering banks.

Where do I get more info?

Visit our Facebook page KOTO Housing Kenya Limited or click on https://www.facebook.com/pages/Koto-Housing-Kenya-Limited/222075721326689 or you can follow us on Twitter at @KOTOHousingKe