We are pleased to announce the signing of mortgage financing partnership with JAMII BORA BANK. Through this partnership, our customers will be able to obtain 100% mortgage loans to build their KOTO houses if they already own land. The bank will finance individuals, Investment groups, SACCOs and companies to build both residential houses and commercial properties like flats, hostels and schools. Speaking during the signing ceremony, the CEO of KOTO Housing Kenya, Mr. Moses Nderitu, noted that this partnership will be a big win for Kenyans as they will be able to move from tenants to home owners in as little as 30days. On his part, the CEO of Jamii Bora Bank, Mr. Samuel Kimani, remarked that this partnership will support efforts by government and stakeholders in providing affordable housing to Kenyans.

Here is the Full Speech by the CEO of KOTO HOUSING KENYA during the partnership launch.