The inventor of KOTO building technology, Kaine Telford, today held a technical training with our contractors. The training was aimed at educating the contractors on how to build a Koto house.

“The KOTO technology is the best thing that will happen to Kenyan for it is a game changer in the housing sector. It not only saves you time but allows for construction of many housing units in a short period of time,” he said.

The meeting brought together over 20 contractors from different parts of the country. After the meeting, they left satisfied with the KOTO technology.

“This technology will not only give Kenyans a chance to own a house but also give them a chance to own houses and homes of their own design.” commented Michael Muhato, one of the contractors in the training.

Kaine advised the contactors to abide by the standard procedures in the construction of the KOTO House in the delivery of the houses in the specified time.

More trainings are scheduled with contractors to help them be more efficient in the construction of KOTO Houses.

Here is a link to the gallery of images from the training.