One of our core values is collaboration with other industry players; today, we had the pleasure of hosting valuers at our offices for a technical training on “Understanding the KOTO House and its Valuation’’

Valuers play a critical role for banks in assessing value of properties in mortgage transactions. The objective of today’s training was to equip the valuers with an understanding of the KOTO house to provide an independent assessment of the value of a KOTO House.

This was the first of many similar trainings that we have arranged for different industry professionals. In the coming weeks, we shall train engineers and architects on how to design for the KOTO building system.

Collaborations with industry players will go a long way in fast tracking our delivery of KOTO houses to Kenyans.


Here is a link to the gallery of the training.

Here are the Valuers that we trained to Value a KOTO House 

Valuers Trained to Value a KOTO House
1 Justus Munene Munyi Daytons Valuers Limited
2 Michael Githinji Ardhiworth Real Estate
3 Daniel Kung'u Muiruri Prestige Valuers Limited
4 Joan Waweru Orion Valuers Limited
5 Kimani Mbugua Transcountry Valuers Limited
6 David Ongeri Metrocosmo Limited
7 Borothi Grace Njeri Metrocosmo Limited
8 Oketch Kennedy Dayton Valuers
9 Awinja Gloria Amazon Valuers
10 Njiru. A. Kinyua

Shelter (M) Limited