Koto Housing Kenya is about Possibilities and Simplicity!

That it is possible your dream of owning a home can come true.

That it is now possible for families to be happier because they own a home.

That it is possible you can take leave, build your home and house warm before going back to work.

That it is now possible to own a home before car.

That the elusive home ownership dream is within touching distance for the youth.

Possibilities that children do not need to learn under a tree!

Because with KOTO, it is possible to build a classroom in 10days.

With Koto it is possible that we can now build clinics faster and affordably anywhere in the country.

Possibilities that with access to medical health, maternal health can be drastically improved.

Yes Koto is about possibilities. Houses can now be affordable without compromising on quality.

And yes possible that life can be transformed because housing can now be afforded by the many.

We are on a mission, “To Transform Life By Providing Efficient, Timely, Affordable & Innovative Housing and Building Solutions Through Strategic Partnerships”

Our Vision is to be the preferred provider of affordable housing and building solutions in the region.